I always knew that I would find my passion eventually, it just took me 15 years of working in insurance to find it. I’ve always been super creative, whether it was writing & publishing cookbooks or painting, I just love to make things. And I always knew that I should be doing something creative.

So when my husband Andrew bought me my first DSLR camera back in 2006, little did he know that he would awaken a monster… I think he expected that it would be another fad, like the hand painted christmas cards or the cookbooks, but much to his suprise (and mine) all these years later I’m still as passionate about photography as I was then.

In 2007 I started my first website & blog, I documented the highs and lows of photography and my own life behind the lens. I fell in love with photography, and with Andrew’s support, I took the huge leap into wedding photography. I adored documenting all the special moments on the wedding day and telling the story of such a wonderful day. I fell in love with photography, and nothing else has filled me with as much enthusiasm & enjoyment.

If you’d like me to photograph you, drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.
Life is an awfully big adventure …